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As soon as you complete our application and provide us with certain necessary documentation, you are within TWO or THREE days of receiving your first AR financing funding.

Once we approve your application, we will develop a funding arrangement that will meet your specific business needs.

We will then fund you with a substantial portion of the accounts receivable we have approved and purchased. Furniture Factors pays you the remaining balance (the final payment) after we receive payment from your customer.


We have funding available IMMEDIATELY for expanding small to mid-size companies. Call us now to confidentially discuss your needs.

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If you want additional funding to help meet overhead expenses or expand your business, Furniture Factors can help. When you factor with us and enroll in the non-recourse program, we insure your funding. We purchase accounts receivable from manufacturers, wholesalers, furniture suppliers, and any credit- worthy domestic and international customers.

We purchase your accounts receivables on a non-recourse basis, providing you with the cash needed to grow your company and meet operating demands on time. Furniture Factors provides AR financing to companies of all sizes. Companies that may benefit from factoring include new start-ups, growth-oriented companies, companies that cannot get adequate bank financing, and more. We love serving our hometown of Tupelo, MS – but we have customers all over the US and we’d love to serve you as well! Please call us at (662) 680-4600 with any questions.