A. Furniture Factors Incorporated


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Q. Do you require that all receivables be factored?

A. No. It is up to the company to decide how much to factor.

Q. How can a factor loan me money when my business does not have a very strong financial or I personally have declared bankruptcy in the past? I talked to a bank and they would not even consider a business loan. Why can you do what others cannot?

A. First of all we do not loan money and therefore we do not have to consider stringent requirements in order to assure it is paid back. Our decisions are based on the creditworthiness of the customer of our client.

Q. My profit margin is not enough. If I were to factor then there would not be enough left to show a profit.

A. The concept of factoring is to use the money of the factor to help make you more money. If you do not need the additional operating capital then you may want to consider the insurance program which will assist you with uncollectible debt of approved factored accounts.

Q. Is not factoring only for companies that are in financial trouble or relatively small?

A. This is a common misconception. Even very large major companies factor to keep operating capital accessible at all times.

Q. What happens if my customer defaults on their credit?

A. Furniture Factors takes that risk as long as you’re in the non–recourse program.

Q. When do I get my funds?

A. 24 hours or less

Q. Who approves the credit for my customers?

A. Furniture Factors Incorporated

Q. Who is responsible for collecting funds?

A. Furniture Factors Incorporated